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Check - the Facts - a community outreach that educates, equips, and empowers

students​ to make life-affirming choices.


We are out in the classrooms, so we don't have regular office hours.  However, you can call us at (209) 262-0077 to try and catch us in the office or to leave us a message.  We will get back to you as soon as possible!

You can also email us at:


We are able to offer our presentations free of charge for your class or group because of the generosity of many people in our community who support this program.

Check the Facts

(209) 262-0077

2930 Geer Rd #129

Turlock, CA 95382





"I love being able to destigmatize these uncomfortable subjects for our students. It’s awesome to be able to help create a safe environment for young people to ask questions and get informed about their health and medical rights. My favorite subject is healthy relationships because hopefully we’ll play a role in teens growing up to cultivate a positive environment for their families as well as themselves."

"I love that Check the Facts program facilitates a safe environment for students to learn about these tough topics. I especially love teaching our curriculum on healthy relationships. You can actually see it when a student understands what real love is. It makes my heart smile to know that our students are equipped and empowered to take this knowledge and apply it to their life."


"I am a Lead presenter at with the Check the Facts program. My passion for working as a presenter comes from a place of wanting to impact students' lives in all aspects. I have a degree in Biochemistry with a concentration in pre-medicine. My background in science places me in a place where I have worked as a tutor in science, Instructional Aid in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics, as well as an Operations Lead in a biotech company. With that said, being a presenter comes naturally to me. At the end of the day, my fulfillment comes from knowing that I have connected with students from all backgrounds and levels, and I am able to teach, as well as boldly present the facts." 


"I am the Administrative Assistant for Check the Facts, the Community Education branch at Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center. To me, that means that I support the department in any way I can so that it can run as efficiently as possible. With all our staff constantly out in the community, I am like a “home base” back at the office. I take care of communicating with schools to schedule presentations, scheduling our staff to give those presentations, order and organize supplies and student materials, coordinate the on-boarding and training of new staff, and work on special projects.


I have lived in the Turlock area my entire life, so this is truly my community. I have worked for Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center for 5 years, and specifically with the community education program for 3 of those years."


Working with a community education program like Check The Facts is such a privilege. I absolutely love that I have the opportunity to work with students on a day to day basis, and inform them of information that they truly need to know. I think that it is very important for students to feel educated, important, and to feel like they have someone on their side—which is exactly what Check The Facts does. It is truly an honor to work with this amazing team!


“Having a chance to be a part of a team that brings a program like Check the Facts into schools is so imperative. The opportunity to educate students on such important issues in regards to their health and social development should never be taken lightly, since it has the potential to impact so many futures for the better. Working with Check the Facts provides a platform for an open, positive, and fact-based dialogue with youth in their communities, hopefully making the commitment to one’s education and well-being seem more and more like a reality, not just a possibility.”



"When kids walk up to us after class and ask questions and say they learned new things or tell us how much they appreciate us coming to their school, that makes working for Check the Facts an amazing experience. It’s a comprehensive curriculum that fosters well-rounded growth in students to deal with real life situations. It’s a great way for kids to get the conversation started with their friends and at home. Being a part of an inclusive program, like Check the Facts, is a wonderful experience." 

"Being an intern with Check the Facts is such a privilege. During my internship, I have been provided with the opportunity to conduct research in order to see first hand the great impact that Check the Facts has had on improving our youth's health behaviors and health outcomes. I love that I have the opportunity to work with a program that allows me to properly educate, inform, and prepare our youth for a healthy future and a healthy life. It is so important that our youth are empowered and informed to make healthy life choices, and Check the Facts ensures that the youth of our community are able to do so. Through my research, I hope to provide insight on this informative program and how it has empowered our youth to make healthy life choices."

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2930 Geer Rd. #129

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