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The Check the Facts team wants you to learn through our presentations that each of you is deserving of a healthy life and healthy relationships. Each one of you has so much worth and value!  We want you to take the information that we share and apply it to where it fits in your life and with your future. 

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Here's what students like you have to say about Check the Facts!

  • “The thing I liked the most was that we learned about how much sex can affect our lives.”
    - 13 year old student

  • "I would recommend this presentation to a friend because the presentation made me sit back and think about what I wanted to do with my life.”
    - 12 year old student

  •  “They made us think by asking questions. They are kind and they speak clearly and give you candy.”
    - 15 year old student  

  • “They are very patient with anything you asked.”
    - 12 year old student

  • “You guys were very light hearted and made it easy to talk about these things. I had to sit next to a boy and it wasn’t even awkward! That is an accomplishment and the jolly ranchers.”
    - 13-year old student 

  • “The statistics with STIs were very surprising. Learning about the pregnancy cycle and how humans are formed is amazing.”
    - 14 year old

  • “I really enjoyed the fact that they presented about self-worth and suicide awareness. It’s not really talked about in school, but it needs to be addressed. I’m glad they did!”
    - 17 year old student  

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